NOPA Amazon Data Feed

File Specifications

The file format is CSV (comma separated values). These files can easily be imported into Excel or other applications.

Two files are provided, one for Essendant first-call dealers and one for SP Richards first-call dealers.

It is important to choose the appropriate file for your dealership.

All prices are converted to the selected wholesaler unit of measure. There is no need to perform any additional price conversions or calculations.

Data Columns

The following data columns are provided in the file:

Prefix: Your selected wholesaler’s prefix
Number: Your selected wholesaler’s item number with no special characters
UM: Your selected wholesaler’s unit of measure
List Price: Your selected wholesaler’s list price
Amazon ASIN: Amazon Standard Identification Number
Amazon Price: Lowest seller price for the item
UM Diff: Is there a unit of measure difference between Amazon and your wholesaler
Prime: Is the item available for Amazon Prime
Prime Price: Lowest prime sell price for the item
Verified Date: The date the price was verified
Amazon URL: URL directly to the item on the Amazon site

Item Selection

The wholesaler items selected for inclusion in the file are our “A” list of items. This “A” list is the top items as determined by activity on the OPSoftware websites. There are over 400 current and active independent dealers utilizing these sites.

The list is subject to change monthly as activity changes. The “A” list typically ranges between 1500 and 2000 items depending on activity and the wholesaler selected.

How We Match Items

The exact same item can be found on the Amazon site several times, if not dozens of times, under different and unique Amazon Standard Identification Numbers, or ASINs. Just go to the Amazon site and enter AVE5160 and you’ll get two Prime versions of this item plus many more unique ASIN listings for this item.

We choose from this clutter what we think an informed consumer would choose. The following considerations go into our matching process:

  • Prime Items
  • Lowest Price
  • Free Shipping
  • Number of Reviews
  • Number of Sellers

In addition, we also make sure the manufacturer is the same, the unit of measure is the same (or as close as possible), and the item is available and in stock for delivery.

As with any such endeavor, this is a subjective process and relies on the industry knowledge of the person making the matches. All of these matches were verified by someone with over 40 years of experience in the office products industry.

Update Schedule

The data is currently refreshed three times a week. You can expect new versions of the files to be posted on the following days and times:

Monday, 12:00 Noon, Eastern Time
Wednesday, 12:00 Noon, Eastern Time
Friday, 12:00 Noon, Eastern Time

Sometimes there are delays due to changes on the Amazon site and these times cannot be guaranteed. Delays are typically minimal, but can occur unexpectedly. Look in the file at the “Verified Date” column to confirm the latest data feed.

Reporting Issues

You can report general issues and individual item issues by filling out the NOPA Amazon Data Feed Issue Report located at the following URL:

Additional Resources

If you need more data, or have additional needs, please contact We can provide independent dealers with complete lists of all your wholesaler items matched to and pricing for:

  • Amazon
  • Staples
  • Office Depot
  • Quill
  • Costco
  • Sam’s Club
  • Walmart
  • Grainger
  • And more

We also have interfaces to all popular back-end computer systems allowing you to create match-or-beat contract pricing for your entire website or individual customers.


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