The GOPD Story, Part 3

Continuation of Part 2, The Big Picture

The Company That Wasn’t

Going back to the original lawyer letter (Exhibit05), notice the first sentence where the attorney is claiming to represent “POE Systems, Inc.” and “Solutions 4 Business, Inc.” and that each of these companies “are owned by Donna Snyder and Jack Duncan, respectively.” The letter continues “POE and S4B each own 33% of GOPD, LLC.

Both Snyder and Duncan live, transact business, and operate these companies in the State of Georgia. GOPD, LLC despite being formed in Delaware, also bases its operations and transacts business in the State of Georgia. That makes GOPD, LLC a “Foreign Limited Liability Company” under the laws of the State of Georgia.

If you go to the Georgia Secretary of State website, and do a company search for GOPD, LLC. It shows that GOPD, LLC was formed on 4/28/2016, over SIX YEARS AFTER the date on the lawyer’s letter. (ExhibitG1)

So what about POE Systems? POE Systems was Administratively Dissolved on 09/10/2010, after not paying the registration fees since 2008, as required by Georgia law. (ExhibitG2)

Searching for “Solutions 4 Business” on the Georgia Secretary of State site turns up two unrelated companies. (ExhibitG3) Apparently, Snyder’s Solutions 4 Business has never operated legally in the State of Georgia.

I was a software developer, I created software when I was associated with GOPD. I engaged other people to sell, support and provide accounting services. It is 100% my fault for taking others at their word and not properly vetting their qualifications and supervising their actions and claims.

My company, Prop Solutions, the other 1/3 alleged owner of GOPD, LLC has always been compliant with the law since I took over sole ownership in 2000.

At the time of the first lawyer letter, not a single one of the entities the attorney is claiming to represent were conducting business within the law. Some are still not.

It Gets Worse

Back to the lawyer letter (Exhibit05), the attorney admits, “We are not aware of any written limited liability company agreement.

If you are a GOPD customer, do you have any protection, any guarantees, any assurances that someone is not going to just walk in and pull the plug? Is there a succession plan? We know how that went with the tragic death of the original DDMS owners. Are there any asset protection provisions in place? Is there any clear-cut ownership, any, anything?

This is really, really, simple and basic stuff you have to do to run a legit business, yet none of it was done.

After learning the totality of the sad state of affairs that was GOPD, LLC, the advice from my attorney was crystal clear: “Get away from these people as fast as possible.

As you can see, six years after my departure, they still didn’t care about legitimizing GOPD or abiding by the law.

Dot Not

Why do you get an Error when you try to go to GOPD.COM, a prized 4-letter .COM domain name currently registered to GOPD, LLC?  Any legitimate company would kill for a 4-letter domain name, especially if those 4-letters were also your company name.

Not surprising, typing GOPDLLC.COM into a browser results in a blank page. You have to type in the full GOPDLLC.COM/GO/HOME.ASP to get to the GOPD home page. And when you finally get there, it has a date of 2008 at the bottom of the page. Need I remind you that it’s now 2018?

Ask yourself “does this look like a company that wants to be found?” Visit any other legitimate industry software provider’s website, Dealer Commander, EvolutionLogicblock, SSI, any legitimate industry software provider’s website and you’ll see demo links, about us, detailed product overviews, customer showcases, detailed contact us information and much, much more.

On the ten year old GOPD site, you get none of that. You do however get a fax number, from a company that is allegedly providing the nowaday critical internet presence for office supply dealers.

If you read Part 2, then you know it wasn’t supposed to take this long. GOPD should have been sold and long gone by this point.

Nothing to See Here

If your goal is to operate incognito, to pull off a quickie under-the-table deal away from the prying eyes of the industry (heaven forbid a pesky-[insert your favorite slander here] that might eventually figure out what you did), then you don’t want outside people looking into your business.

GOPD and company went to enormous efforts to make sure I could not find out what they were doing, including permanently blocking huge quantities of IP addresses, much to the detriment of their own customers.

But, they went the extra step to deceive.

(Exhibit31) Shows the message you receive when a website is blocking your IP address. The site in the example happens to be a Canadian site that is quick to block US traffic. The message is clear “Access Denied.

(Exhibit32) Shows the message you eventually receive when visiting the GOPD, LLC Home Page from one of my IP addresses. The message here is also clear “This site can’t be reached.

The cursor spins and spins and eventually displays the message. This message and elaborate fakery is intentionally and purposely designed to make it look like the site is down, or does not exist.

Change my IP address and look at that, the site pops right up. For about an hour, until they block the new IP address. There is no telling how many dealer’s customers are also blocked from placing orders.

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Hiding from Marlette turned into full-scale paranoia at GOPD that cost them several customers.


I tried to keep this factual and to remove as much personal feelings as possible, but one thing I cannot let go.

My wife Jill has been undergoing very aggressive cancer treatments for several years. Everyone at GOPD knows this. My wife Jill had absolutely nothing to do with GOPD, nothing.

Yet this did not stop GOPD from sending a process server to our house with a subpoena to depose Jill, including the explicit instruction “Deliver before Christmas.

None of the attacks on my wife started until they learned she had cancer. Because they all knew, Jill had absolutely nothing to do with GOPD, absolutely nothing.

Now, all you have to do is sit back and watch them in action.

Whether sending her threatening text messages from spoofed phone numbers, right before her deposition, in a supposed effort to alter her testimony:


To spewing their vitriolic hatred on Twitter:


My wife always gets targeted, always gets dragged into their loathsome attacks.

Of course they only do this in hopes of causing her even more pain and suffering. These are morally bankrupt individuals without a shred of decency.


Why launch the GOPD Cart site? Why take the time to write all of this?

The few GOPD dealers I have told this story to said I had an obligation to tell what I know. If the current operators of GOPD, LLC run this company straight into the ground, and I knew all of this, and I didn’t warn, and try to help dealers, then it would all be on me.

You can call me names, you can say I’m a disgruntled ex-partner, you can say anything you want, but you won’t be able to say I didn’t warn the dealers and give them the facts as I know them, so they could decide for themselves.

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